Our Story

Mouné in Arabic is the art of preserving food the Lebanese way.

We know that what Lebanon lacks in natural resources, is compensated by the richness of its soil and its culinary diversity.

That’s why we chose to empower hundreds of Lebanese farmers from around Lebanon by exporting this Lebanese tradition and reinforcing the MOUNÉ presence in the Lebanese diaspora.



Supporting Lebanese


We sell and deliver Moune products from independent sellers and small scale farmers belonging to these categories: Herbs & Zaatar, Olives & Oils, Vinegars, Grains, Honey, Jams, Sweets, Pastes & Pickles and more..

Our mission is to empower and shed light on the local moune in Lebanon that our Lebanese farmers and villagers produce and deliver it all around the world.

We believe that Lebanese immigrants lack the access to authentic Lebanese moune so we offer this platform to connect all Lebanese around the world to their home country Lebanon in one click. We have a wide variety of hand-picked Lebanese homemade moune prepared by our villagers in a healthy traditional way.

If you are a small business owner selling or producing Moune and you like to join us. Call us on: +961 03068830

We Love Our Lebanon


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